☀️Spell Jars☀️

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☀️“A Good Night’s Sleep” / Better Sleep
☀️Abundance for 2021
☀️Academic Success
☀️Anxiety Relief
☀️Career Success
☀️Custom Deity Jars
☀️Empath Protection
☀️Find Love
☀️Good Health
☀️Good Vibes Only
☀️Happiness & Positivity
☀️Healing & Recovery (emotionally, mentally, & spiritually)
☀️Home Blessing & Protection
☀️Money Saver
☀️Prosperity & Good Luck
☀️Realign Your Chakras
☀️Road Opener
☀️Self Love & Self Confidence
☀️Self Motivation
☀️Self Protection
☀️Small Business Success
☀️Sobriety (Coming Soon!)
☀️Spiritual Guidance
☀️Steady Work (Coming Soon!)
☀️Stress Reliever
☀️Tarot Card Cleanser (Coming Soon!)
☀️Third Eye Opener
☀️Travel Protection (Coming Soon!)
☀️Weight Loss
☀️I also offer custom spell jars!