Money Maker Ritual Oil
Money Maker Ritual Oil
Money Maker Ritual Oil

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Money Maker Ritual Oil

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My Money Maker Ritual Oil is designed to help you attract money, good luck, a constant flow opportunities, and to clear your negative beliefs about money. Crafted with pure sweet almond oil and all organic essential oils, this is an especially great blend for anyone who needs fast cash or good luck.

The secret to it working and it working fast? Your belief! One of THE most important things in magick is your belief! The more you truly believe it will work in your heart, mind, and soul, the better your results will be! 

This oil is hand blended by myself with love and care, and  has been ritually prepared, blessed, and charged. And just as my spell jars, they are always prepared at the correct moon phase, day of the week, and planetary hour to ensure that your oil’s energy is as strong as it can be!

Your oil will come with instructions on how to best use it! 


Some great ways to use the Money Maker Ritual Oil are: 

  • Anoint candles with it.
  • Anoint yourself by applying it to your arms in an upward motion to represent money coming to you.
  • Place eight drops in your bathtub. 8 is the number associated with financial abundance.
  • Rub down your front door to bring money to your home.
  • Anoint your favorite jewelry prior to wearing it.
  • Rub some on your hands before meeting new people or handling important documents.
  • Anoint your money with it. 


The Money Maker Ritual Oil is crafted with all organic, skin safe ingredients, but it is recommended that you practice caution and apply it to a small patch of skin first. This blend DOES contain cinnamon, so if you’re allergic please be mindful of this. 

DISCLAIMER: Amethyst Sun makes no guarantees or promises on outcomes. Ritual Oils are for spiritual use only and should not be consumed or used in place of professional advice such as medical, psychological, or otherwise. This product is sold as a curio.